Welcome to Fujinoyu

This is a small and relaxing hot spring inn.
Private baths are free of charge and morning and
evening meals are served in your room.
We provide hospitality while never forgetting
our 180 years of tradition and also to provide heartful caring service to customers.
Inside the inn, antique items are on display
which have been passed on from generations past.

Fujinoyu's Attractions

  • A Continuing
    History of 180 Years
    Asama Hot Springs is a hot spring well-known and loved by the lords of Matsumoto Castle. Fujinoyu was founded in 1832, making the current owner the 20th. Please enjoy viewing the various antique items, armor, and kamishimo (formal samurai clothing) that are displayed throughout the building.
  • Traditional Japanese
    Ryokan (Inn)
    Being able to enjoy a genuine traditional style ryokan is the primary feature of our inn. Guests can relax as they enjoy their meals in their own rooms.
  • Our Careful
    Attention to Detail
    There are many things that we can do as a small ryokan. By offering various equipment and beauty products for women, and loaning out aroma pots for free, we have continued to work on adding to our services in any way we can. Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire facility.

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